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Today my friend who is in Japan told me about a knit along going on in the Nomadic Yarns world. It is a Harry Potter read along / knit along. How could I say no? This one is one where you don’t have to knit every month, but if you do then you get a chance at a big prize if you do all seven months.

If you are wondering, I did fail at my March socks for the Desert Vista Dyeworks knit along. I just couldn’t do it. March was crazy and I just wasn’t loving the colors of the socks so they are still on the needles. I don’t know when those socks will be done but between being pregnant and already having three kids, it wasn’t going to happen.

So here is my yarn for the first month:


It is called Rhinebeck Sweater Weather. I am so excited about these socks. I need to buy some of the Nomadic Yarns Harry Potter colorways, but I think I will wait until after we move.

So that is another thing that has me busy… We are moving from Germany. Our next home will be in Italy for two years! I am so excited, but I have so much work to do to get us ready. But I hope to have some awesome travel pictures soon! I am really looking forward to a new place. I was so sure that we were going back to the US, but I will not argue about getting to live in Italy 🙂

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Little Things


These guys are kind of sad looking, but Chubbs and I made them and he was so happy with them. Sadly, the pig lost his ear.

Still not much on the knitting front, though I did manage to crank out a pair of socks in January and I hope to make another pair for February.

Not a lot of crafting around here. But being pregnant I am not surprised.

I joined a bunch of KALs and CALs so hopefully I start to get some stuff made soon!

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So Many Plans & Nothing

I have joined so many knit a longs. And I haven’t knit a single stitch this year. I had a friend over the other day and I couldn’t start on socks for the Husband. I did some spinning instead. I am trying to do a bump a month. That might happen this month.

I ordered a mystery sock pattern that I do every year. The clue came out, not one stitch knit. I bought a mystery shawl pattern, the second clue came out and again not one stitch knit. My Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery clue should be coming out soon. I haven’t prepared the linen for that, so my crafting is in a sad state.

I did have lots of appointments this week though. I had a baby appointment and an appointment for Chubbs and his speech. I also had a  bunch of Spirit Wear come in for the school that I need to inventory. I am like the least cheerful person but somehow I sell the Spirit Wear for the PTA… So I have been busy, just not in the things I want to do.

The Husband found me a free app. Neko Atsume. It is for collecting cats. I have been playing that more than I should. And a little voice tells me (not in my head, I promise) “I poop” every once in a while and I stay busy with that as well.

This weekend is a three day weekend which surely means nothing will get done except for the trashing of the house. But maybe I will pick up a project for a bit and get some pictures. No promises though…

Now I am thinking about the Fat Quarter Shop BOM again and I am not sure if I am crazy or not. I like to collect crafts like I like to collect cats it seems…

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What’s for Dinner?

Does anyone else have this problem? What is for dinner?

I can make more than two things. I really can. I also try to meal plan before I go buy groceries. This is actually something I started last year. I realized that we kept throwing food out when I didn’t plan. So now I sit down on Sunday night and I try to figure out what we are having for dinner for the week. It never fails that I draw a blank.

Taco Tuesday. That is easy. It isn’t always tacos, but it is normally something like it. And the kids normally eat it, or parts of it. Chubbs will eat the beans with cheese and Babykins will eat a taco with just meat and cheese. Chibi will eat tortilla chips and look at the rest with scorn. But what about the rest of the week?

My in laws were here last week. My sister in law and her husband. Her husband doesn’t eat pork because he is Jewish. For the life of me I couldn’t think of a single meal that didn’t contain pork… I couldn’t even think of tacos!

This keeps happening to me. One of my goals is to try new recipes. I also want to remember the food that I already make. So I am going to write them down and keep them near my planner so when I am meal planning I can actually think of more things than Taco Tuesday.


I ordered this recipe book from Blitzy over the holidays. I think they are sold in Michaels, but since I don’t have one here I was looking for it online. Amazon sold out of one right before I went to buy it and then Blitzy had it for half the price! I was super pleased. My plan is to write my recipes down in here as I discover them. I do already have a binder with some printed out recipes, but this would be a supplement to that binder. Hopefully I can come up with some tasty meals that my kids will also eat.

What’s for dinner tonight? Garlic and herb chicken with rice:)

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that it is going well so far!

I must admit that I have not found my groove yet. Towards the end of the  year my daughter got a stomach bug. She never shares, but she decided to share this time. So I got sick first and then my husband. It was the kind of illness that lingers, you think it is gone and then it comes back again. We were quite tired right before Christmas and that is when my sister in law showed up with her husband.

We were well at this point, but this was the start of a bunch of travel for us. We went to Bavaria for Christmas Markets and Castles. It was awesome, but a lot of time in the car and a lot of time walking around.


We were still tired. I thought the few days we were staying home around Christmas would perk us right up, but they didn’t. We left for Vienna still tired. But we love Vienna and we had a great time there and made the most of the cold and windy weather.


We were there for the New Year’s concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. We won the right to order tickets in a lottery they have back in February so it was a big deal for us to go. I can’t wait to get to Vienna again:)


So this hopefully explains my absence from Chibi Like Ewe. The end of the year is a busy time for everyone. This is our last winter here so we tried to make the most of it with lots of travel.


In crafting news, I managed to finish my 12th pair of socks for the Desert Vista Dyeworks knit along. My sock drawer is so happy right now:)


And I finished all the gifts I was making for teachers.


Now I am just trying to get into the groove of 2016. I have had a lot of nice things come in during these weeks like a ton of yarn and my Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery kit!


My in laws have gone back to the states. My kids are back in school so today I am going to try out my 15 minutes of different crafts. It may not go well and it may not last, but I think I will have fun in the process!

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100 Meter Kick

If you look at me now, you would never know it, but I used to be quite the runner. I was mostly an 800 meter runner, but I could run a pretty good quarter too. Anyway my last 100 meters was always where I gave it my all. I never had anything left at the end of the race… I feel like I am reaching that place in the crafty world as I try to finish everything all at once.

So I am trying to get those gifts done for teachers. Right now I have one hat done which I think is going to be too large. It is a Barley Hat by Tin Can Knits:


And I just started a Welted Cowl by Jane Richmond today:


Meanwhile I have started baby knitting since I found out I am pregnant with my fourth and last baby. This hat is from the book, One Skein:


I finished a test knit:


And of course I still have my monthly socks:


I still need to make one more gift for a teacher when all of this is done, plus the Husband wants a pair of socks. We are going to Cologne this weekend so hopefully I will get a bunch of car knitting done.


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Resolutions – A Start

It is December so I should probably start on some resolutions. I started one today actually! I started to workout again. So I won’t include that one for the upcoming year:)

So last year my number one resolution was to not be in any more swaps. I failed at this one. It was epic. So last year I was in a year long swap. I swore never again. Then I got my package and my swap partner got theirs. I loved mine, and the one I sent was well received. I was enthused by the moment and signed up for the next year which was supposed to be easier with just little ornaments. I thought how hard can this be, well if you read one of my posts a little while back you can see that I didn’t enjoy it at all.

In 2016, I will not do these swaps. I think part of the problem is that I never got to know my partner. I was guilty of not writing too much either in all honesty. The year before my partner was silent as well, but I was more active. I am a product knitter and giving away fussy little things, or anything really, to someone that I don’t feel that I have a connection with is very difficult for me. So my friend Melissa and I might so a swap between the two of us, but nothing more. We have swapped before and it was a lot of fun because I know her! Go figure.

So here I repeat my resolution from last year:

1) No swaps where I make things for other people. If I want to join a monster swap, then I remember this and I don’t join. I can easily make that monster for myself and not stress. I like these swaps, but I always stress the timelines.

My second resolution from last year was to knit socks. I wanted to have a sock drawer. I wanted a pair a month, but one every two months would make me happy. So far, I have knit 17 pairs of socks and I have another on the needles which will be finished before 2016. Overall I would say this is a success. I am going to continue this resolution into the next year:

2) Knit socks. I would like to say one pair a month, but I would be happy with one pair every two months for Operation Sock Drawer.

My next resolution was not to get caught up into obligation knitting. I think I did well in this except for teacher’s gifts. I am not sure if I will stop the teacher’s gifts, but to be honest, I am not sure that the teachers like the gifts I make. This one is a work in progress:

3) No obligation knitting. If someone has a baby tell them congrats and buy them some burp clothes. Stop making these gifts for people who might not even appreciate them.

Last year I also made a pledge to stop clubs. With the exception of the monster club from Dancing Dog Dyeworks. I think that I was good at this one too since I cannot think of any clubs. However, I did join the I Want Her Stash Club which was a fabric club. I haven’t made a single quilt. I am still waiting to get my November and December shipment. I plan to not do this one again next year, not because I didn’t enjoy it, but I have too much fabric and something has to give. I even didn’t rejoin the yearly Fat Quarter Shop BOM. Honestly, I didn’t like the pattern, I am not sure if I will cave in for 2016. This club doesn’t start until June or July so if I get some BOMs done then I might do this one. So number 4:

4) No clubs. They always sound cool, but I never knit anything from them. Exception, monster clubs from DDD.

My next one was too craft more and not just knit. I would start something and then get caught up by knitting again. I need to work on this one again. Maybe I need to set aside an hour a day and do 15 minutes of cross stitch, 15 minutes of spinning, and 15 minutes of quilting/sewing so I can get back into the hang of all of this. I know it isn’t a lot every day, but it can add up.

5) I need to craft other crafts, not just knitting.

My next one is tricky. Last year I decided that I needed to use what I had instead of buying new things. I think I did okay with yarn on this one, though I did buy a lot of sock yarn and a sweater quantity or two. I know that this year I purchased much less than other years. I have already talked about the fabric club, I also did a mass drop for some Star Wars fabric to make jammies for the boys, but I still haven’t made those. I know I bought a lot of new cross stitch supplies. I think since they are smaller I can justify it more easily, but they aren’t cheap either. But I purchased a ton of fountain pens, ink, and planner supplies. They don’t take up a lot of space either, but I need to stop here. So yes, this resolution gets carried to 2016 as well:

6) Use what supplies I have on hand before buying new ones.

My seventh resolution went well this year. I decided to do less hanging out. After a friendship ended badly I really wanted to have friends. So sad I know but I feel isolated in Germany where I cannot speak the language, my fault since I didn’t learn it, but still. Anyway, I made friends with a lovely lady from the PTA and joined that and it is a bit of socializing, but on my terms. And we get along so well that I don’t stress about it. I also found a local knitting meet up which I show up to or I don’t, no commitments. The Little Miss and I hang out a lot now:) So while I do go out more than I did before, it gives me a feeling of accomplishment (PTA work) and I know that it is on terms. I don’t think I need to add number seven this year.

<del>7) Embrace being an introvert. I don’t need knitting dates. They just stress me out normally. I need to just hang out with my Little Miss and supplies.</del>

My eighth resolution was to blog once a week. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this one. It goes back on the list:

8) Post on blog at least once a week.

Number nine was to knit more sweaters. I don’t think this will happen in 2016. Ideally, I don’t want to knit sweaters until I am where I want to be weight wise. It is going to take me a while to get there, so this one is getting scratched too:

<del>9) Like socks, I need to knit more sweaters!</del>

For number ten I am not sure if I did this one or not. Since I focused on socks I did tend to work on one project, however, I have more wips sitting around this year than I did last year.

10) Try to stick to one project at a time. Or one large project with one smaller one.

Which leads right into number 11. Yes, this one stands as well. Maybe in between socks?

11) Knit WIPs up. Or frog them.

This ones holds as well. I collected a lot more Pumpkin patterns this year too. I want to try the 15 minute thing and see if I can crank them out. Ultimate goal is to stay on top of the sampler this year and then make the 2015 sampler…

12) Try to get one Frosted Pumpkin sampler out each quarter.

I made one and cut fabric for two more. I enjoyed it too. But this has to be done when my Little Miss isn’t around. Again, perhaps the 15 minutes a day might help get some out.

13) Do the BOMs as you get them. Stop collecting.

I just started laughing when I read number 14. After not doing any test knits for a year, I just requested one from another lady. I forgot this one completely… I will see if this one gets undeleted later.

<del>14) No more test knits. They are fun, but they cause stress with deadlines.</del>

Another fail in 15… maybe in my 15 minutes a day? I did spin up a braid. That is it. And some small batts that I had.

15) Spin two to three braids a month.

Another fail. I made one for a teacher’s gift. Two fails then? I did quit the club though since I was tired of collecting them. If I ever catch up I might rejoin.

16) Make two Fresh Stitches projects a month.

Seventeen is an interesting one. I thing I did well in this one. I quit all my clubs. I purchased a few here and there but I think I stopped in March or so. However, I got into the Hello Yarn club. I must spin a braid a month to keep this club. I must…

17) No more fiber in and only yarn on list allowed to be purchased.

Just as I said last year, this list is probably too ambitious. So why not add a few more things to the mix:

18) I lied, I will talk about working out: continue to workout and make it a habit like it used to be a few years ago. Learn to love running again. Run a half marathon.

19) A new recipe every two weeks. Everyone is bored of your food.

20) Work on lettering.

21) Use your dyeing supplies. Dye a skein or two?

22) Take more pictures. Get my other camera fixed.

I think that is it… So do you have any resolutions?

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