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The Year of the Sheep!

So you know that song the Year of the Cat? Every time I think of the year of the sheep, I sing it to that tune in my head. I am thinking that the year of the sheep is going … Continue reading

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Pretty Crafty Year so Far

I have been off to a pretty crafty year so far! I am knitting socks like crazy and really enjoying it. Somehow I went from being really slow to not being that bad. There is a contest of sorts with … Continue reading

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I have actually been productive this week. This is probably because the Husband took leave this week. He was very sweet and took it because he knew that this week was going to be hard on me with my little … Continue reading

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Yet Another Birthday

My two boys are three years apart in age, but only six days apart. One has his birthday on the 20th of August and the other on the 20th. I thought this was awesome, but it is getting harder as … Continue reading

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I finished two things over the weekend! Progress at last! Over in Little Skein in the Big Woods they had a little monster kit that was inspired by Where the Wild Things Are. It was so cute! I had my friend Amanda … Continue reading

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Monster Knitting

And I have a finished monster!!!!

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Bunny Nuggets!!!!

Not a lot of crafting is being done around here. I blame the Little Miss. I did get some Bunny Nuggets done for Easter. I hope to actually craft again soon, but we will see what she allows:)

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The Unnamed Duck

I fear crochet. I know it is silly, but I do. There are some lovely patterns out there made by Fresh Stitches that I have been collecting. I have a whole box of them. I keep picking one up and then putting … Continue reading

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Why I Shouldn’t Make Toys

Because the end up like this: I also ran out of yarn and I hate to sew. Sigh. Poor ninja:(

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Barely a Foot

So I am on a business trip right now and barely knitting I am sad to say. Here is all the knitting I have done in 3 days:( Maddox foot:

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