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Getting Back into the Groove

So the holidays ruin me for the rest of the year. It is so nice to sit back and just have some time off, that going back to work isn’t the easiest thing. Nor is getting shots. I got some … Continue reading

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The Trick is to Keep Breathing

Well for my few readers I just wanted to assure you that everything is okay. Life has just been really busy. I am currently in a class that is taking up a lot of my time, plus I have a … Continue reading

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Negotiating Gummies

This blog was meant to be about my crafts. For various reasons I didn’t want to make it a family blog. Sometimes I can’t help myself and my family life gets blogged. Today is the last day that my parents … Continue reading

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Trick or Treat

My little guys are so cute! That is all:)

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A Clean House!

I moved to Texas almost one year ago. Actually I left Alaska exactly one year ago today. Anyway the point is that I have been in this house for almost a year and it has never been fully clean. The … Continue reading

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No Knitting for Me!

I have not knit for a few days now and I doubt I will get any knitting in today. This is my last week in my six weeks of maternity leave and I am trying to get everything done that … Continue reading

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I finished my Snapdragon Tam today. It was done in the same yarn Ysolda used and the same color. The color is Gilded and I think it is a beautiful color, but it would look terrible with my skin tone. … Continue reading

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