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After Christmas Productivity

So for the past few weeks my desk has been covered in layers upon layers of things. I would date them with each time I have cleaned. I have moved my projects from the rest of the house and put … Continue reading

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Hello Again from Italy

I cannot begin to tell you how complicated my life has been since I last wrote. We moved from Germany to Italy. We had over 21,000 pounds of things moved. We went from a over 4,000 square foot house to … Continue reading

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I again decided to move things around in the craft room because I hope to get back into sewing and quilting. Before:      And after:       So I can now have my quilt wall back up again and … Continue reading

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Returning to the Land of the Living

Don’t you know that the best laid plans can go crazy? I had all these grandiose dreams of doing a post with an updated tour of my yarn room and then a post about all my WIPs and trying to … Continue reading

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My Craft Room, A Work In Progress

I know I have shown pictures of my craft room before, but it is never quite right. I think ultimately I have too much stuff in a room that is too small and where I cannot do exactly what I … Continue reading

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Resolutions Continued – The Craft Room

Below are some pictures of my craft room. There will be some with a fisheye lens which will distort the pictures, but give you a better idea of how the layout is in the room and then some pictures with … Continue reading

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Last Teacher’s Project

This weekend I finished the last project for my son’s teachers. Granted, I only made two projects, but with so much I want to knit these were painful! Babykins insisted that his math teacher would want a scarf. I was … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

Everything seems to have hit once with this move. I was tired, then pregnant, then it was winter and the last thing I wanted to do was clean. It is so nice now that it is spring and warming up. … Continue reading

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The First Few Weeks

We have yet to get settled in Germany, but we are having a great time thus far. I have a lot of catching up to do and hopefully I will be able to do that when I get more reliable … Continue reading

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