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Discipline… People have been posting words to define their upcoming year. I hope that my word will be discipline followed closely by dedication. This year has by no means been a bad year for me. People have been writing about … Continue reading

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The Woven Scarf Project

I finally finished my Whiz Bangs woven scarf. I feel like everyone needs one of these. It was pretty much my sole reason for getting a loom in the first place and of course the delusion that I would be … Continue reading

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End of the Year

I have decided to make woven scarves as gift for teachers this year. This may be a terrible idea. Chubbs has three teachers and Babykins has two. So I want to make five scarves. Plus I am bartering a scarf … Continue reading

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Chubbs is Knitworthy

I have three kids. Two boys and a girl. Chibi, my daughter, might be knitworthy. I am not sure yet. She tends to throw off any hat that I make her, but she has worn some sweaters for long periods … Continue reading

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Yet Another Birthday

My two boys are three years apart in age, but only six days apart. One has his birthday on the 20th of August and the other on the 20th. I thought this was awesome, but it is getting harder as … Continue reading

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End Obligation Knitting

Right on time! I finished both teacher gifts for Babykin’s two teachers. They are ready to go to school tomorrow on the last day of school! Pictures of me wearing the objects are meh because I can’t use the screen … Continue reading

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All Good Things Need Replacing

Hang out with me for more than ten minutes and you will find that I tend to put music lyrics and quotes from movies in my conversations a lot. I don’t stop for effect, either you heard it or you … Continue reading

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Nothing to Show

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. I left the wonderful land of knit a hat a day and entered back into the real world where I was greeted by all the laundry I had not done and a lot … Continue reading

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Last Teacher’s Project

This weekend I finished the last project for my son’s teachers. Granted, I only made two projects, but with so much I want to knit these were painful! Babykins insisted that his math teacher would want a scarf. I was … Continue reading

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Terrible picture, but I finished a hat for Babykins to where while at recess at school. I am working on some matching mittens to go with them. He loved the yarn and loves the finished object.

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