New Home, Old Home, Back Home

It has been busy these past few months in the Chibi Likes Ewe household. We moved from Italy back to the states. The move started in June. It actually started beforehand as we readied our household for the move. In June the first wave of movers came to pick up our things. In July we lived in an almost empty house with borrowed furniture as we waited for the big day. About 10 days before we left our last 700 pounds of things left the house along with our borrowed furniture and we moved into a hotel. For ten long days. We left Italy on the 16th of July. It was a long trip across the Atlantic to New York where my parents picked us up in a 15 passenger van. We had a lot of bags plus there are six of us after all.

While back in New York, we rested and got used to the time change. We also celebrated Chibi’s birthday. It was nice and peaceful. Then after a few weeks we moved to another hotel, this time in Maryland. We celebrated RolyPoly’s birthday in the hotel but we also we began our house hunting and picked a nice colonial in Annapolis as our new home. Having grown up in Virginia, this is a new home, but also an old home since I am back home to where I grew up. I am only about 2 hours away from where my best friend still lives.

We celebrated two more birthdays and waited until mid September to get our furniture and cars from Europe. It was a very long time, but we got to do some renovations on the house and the kids enjoyed camping out.

We put the kids in school and I started school again. I have a Masters in History, but I have no desire to teach so I am doing the prerequisites to go to nursing school. I just finished my first semester and am finally resting after our whirlwind year. The kids enjoy their school, I enjoy my classes, and we are all in our own groove now. This week I hope to finish unpacking the house. With over 20,000 pounds it takes a long time.

But as a fun activity we have started taking the kids to arcades and playing on old video game consoles and pinball machines. We hope to get one or two for our basement, if I ever unpack it.


Batman has been my favorite, but I have always loved Adam West as Batman. He knew it was ridiculous and he played along.

Overall, it has been a busy time, but I hope to craft more and maybe blog more now that I have a computer again and a working camera:)


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1 Response to New Home, Old Home, Back Home

  1. Susan-from-Athens says:

    Welcome to your new home.
    There’s a pinball museum in Athens!


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