Good Start

It has been a good start. I did some spinning (the making yarn kind 😉 ), started a pair of socks for a sock knit along, did some embroidery, and even worked out! A great start to the new year and a pretty good day in my opinion.

I have a crochet along starting on the fifth I believe which should hopefully leave me with a beautiful and colorful blanket. I need to finish my last crochet along though. It was for Toft Yarn. It was an awesome idea, a yarn advent calendar with daily yarn and clues. I made the legs and the body and then we traveled to Germany. I love Germany, so I wasn’t going to argue, but our room didn’t have WiFi and so my little creature sat in the bag. Then when we got back home I got intimidated by the new stitch when making the tail so I worked on other things 😦 so I hope to work on it when the kids are back in school and I have some quiet time at home. I have goals to take my crochet skills to a new level.

I also did some planning today. I love paper planners, probably a bit too much, and I was outlining my goals for the year and just my week and month to come. It is nice to see things all in order on paper, even if my life isn’t that neat and organized.

Tomorrow I hope to continue on the socks and embroidery, workout, and of course spin. It is the last day my husband and kids are home so after that I’ll be busy getting the house back to how it was before the holidays!

Wishing everyone a great 2018!

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