I cannot believe that I didn’t update this blog at all for an entire year. I was thinking about just doing this tomorrow and going all of 2017 without a blog post, but I think one blog post is better than none.

This year was not a productive year craft wise. I haven’t caught up with Ravelry at all. I have hardly been on there and I haven’t even updated my stash, though I have been productive in buying yarn.

The year was a busy one. I have four kids so they keep me all super busy. I feel like every time I turn around one of them is hungry, sick, or needs a ride somewhere. We are a scouts family and I am always taking them to scouting events. Next year when Chibi starts school we will have a Girl Scout too! My oldest, Babykins, is always doing something as well, like robotics club or math club. We live a lot closer to everything now. So weekly guitar classes aren’t hard to get to, but we will have to drive over there and get ready. And every once in a while we have to turn around because I forgot the guitar šŸ˜‰

My youngest, who we will call Dimples now since she isn’t Roly Poly, demands constant attention. If she doesn’t get it then I have to fish her out of some sort of trouble that she has gotten her self into, but she is very cute so I deal with it. With her alone I don’t think my year would have been very productive. Throw in a trip to the states and the husband being on business trips which encompassed over six months out of the year I was always busy, but hardly ever crafty. I have hopes for 2018 as I always do when a new year is coming up. I think you can change when ever, as would be evidenced by my 50 pound weight loss, it using the new year as a time of contemplation is always good as well.

So here we go, in no particular order:

  • Read more books, I have a list of things I want to get read, half serious half not
  • Workout more, I would like to lose some more weight, I’m close
  • Continue working out to keep it off
  • Take a picture daily with my fancy camera
  • Spin ten minutes a day
  • Pair of socks a month
  • Weave six items
  • Continue my progress with crochet
  • Cross stitch
  • New recipe a week
  • Try some new hair styles, you have the hair, use it
  • Make up and hair, try to not look like a mess all the time
  • Dress up more, less sweat pants, more pearls
  • Read to the girls nightly
  • Get back to racing
  • Study 15 minutes a day to prepare to go back to school
  • Less Facebook

I think that is it. It seems like a good list. Hopefully my next blog post won’t be in 2019;)

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