After Christmas Productivity

So for the past few weeks my desk has been covered in layers upon layers of things. I would date them with each time I have cleaned. I have moved my projects from the rest of the house and put them on my desk in a desperate attempt to keep the house clean. We had family come  visit and between all of our trips and such, crafting has fallen off the schedule.

Today, I cleaned off my desk and cataloged the huge back log of yarn that I had sitting on the bottom layer of “stuff” on my desk. I can now use my area and I hope to keep it clean because I really find it hard to do anything when my area is messy. I like to have it clean.

In trips we went to a really nice castle surrounded by water. Roly Poly slept almost the whole trip but her cheeks jiggle on the cobblestones. Others may not find this cute, but I do. She is my first chubby baby and it is a novelty for us.


We also took a trip to Deruta where they make handpainted ceramics, but first we had Halloween and Roly Poly was a baby dragon:


In Deruta we visited about five or six shops. We finally settled on Fima as the place to make our dishes. We ordered them Thanksgiving weekend and were able to pick them up on the 16th of December and use them for our Christmas dinner. The family has been making them and hand painting them since the 1960s. We even got to see the factory which consists of about 6 people making everything.


We also got some decorative plates and accessories for our home. It is hard to hang things on the wall here since we rent and you have to put some hefty holes in the walls so we decided to get some plates to put in curios. Those we purchased from Miriam Ceramiche. We purchased the blue plate, I want to go back for the other plate. Chubbs also got some little sheep.


We hope to go back again next year and get another set of plates from Fima. They are just so nice. We also need to order a gravy boat 😉

We then ventured to the town of Norcia. Sadly, we weren’t able to explore because two earthquakes earlier in the year has made the town unsafe. But on the way we did see this awesome town in the fog/clouds. I am not sure what town it was, but it made for a nice picture!


Besides that I am getting ready for the new year. I am not sure if I will do resolutions because I am pretty sure that I didn’t get any done this year. A new baby and a move are good excuses, but still, I feel like I should have done better this year. And I still have a garage full of boxes to unpack so I feel like I should work on that before trying to organize my life.

I got zero Christmas knitting done. I sent IOUs so I need to knit those soon. They are mostly going to be cowls made out of super bulky yarn so I do have delusions of getting them done. The teachers got gift cards to the local coffee place so it wasn’t a complete loss. And I have been finishing all the socks I have sitting around in hopes of maybe doing a sock a month again. Time will tell.

Roly Poly is growing. I think she will be crawling soon. She is making the effort. I feel that living in a three story house will be interesting…





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