Hello Again from Italy

I cannot begin to tell you how complicated my life has been since I last wrote. We moved from Germany to Italy. We had over 21,000 pounds of things moved. We went from a over 4,000 square foot house to one that might be a tad over 2,000 square feet. We left Germany on 17 June and got to Italy that same day. We finally moved into our home on 21 July. I unpacked the kitchen and then had my fourth and last baby on 1 August.

For those wondering I had a girl. She is the sweetest little girl ever. Right now, I will call her Roly Poly. She was the same size as Chibi when born but determined to catch up to the other three she is now huge at three months. My only baby to have rolls, she smiles every time someone looks at her and started sleeping the night at two months.

I do not have my own crafting room, but I like the set up I have now a bit better. My husband has his office down here and my kids have a crafting table as well for Kiwi crates and random school projects. So we all hang out downstairs, the light isn’t great but the company is!

I am so behind in everything. I have tons of yarn to catalog and put into Ravelry. I have tons of projects to work on. I haven’t even updated the few projects I have finished. And let’s not talk about all the boxes that still need to be unpacked all over the place. Hopefully I will get to them soon, but I hope to get into this blog more. I miss updating it. Honestly, we are only here for two years so there is a big part of me that whispers why bother with the rest of the boxes… time will tell I suppose. I am missing my umbrella swift and a clamp for my ball winder so I know at least some of those boxes will be opened:)

Anyway, hello from Italy! I hope to be updating a lot in the near future!

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