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Today my friend who is in Japan told me about a knit along going on in the Nomadic Yarns world. It is a Harry Potter read along / knit along. How could I say no? This one is one where you don’t have to knit every month, but if you do then you get a chance at a big prize if you do all seven months.

If you are wondering, I did fail at my March socks for the Desert Vista Dyeworks knit along. I just couldn’t do it. March was crazy and I just wasn’t loving the colors of the socks so they are still on the needles. I don’t know when those socks will be done but between being pregnant and already having three kids, it wasn’t going to happen.

So here is my yarn for the first month:


It is called Rhinebeck Sweater Weather. I am so excited about these socks. I need to buy some of the Nomadic Yarns Harry Potter colorways, but I think I will wait until after we move.

So that is another thing that has me busy… We are moving from Germany. Our next home will be in Italy for two years! I am so excited, but I have so much work to do to get us ready. But I hope to have some awesome travel pictures soon! I am really looking forward to a new place. I was so sure that we were going back to the US, but I will not argue about getting to live in Italy 🙂

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