What’s for Dinner?

Does anyone else have this problem? What is for dinner?

I can make more than two things. I really can. I also try to meal plan before I go buy groceries. This is actually something I started last year. I realized that we kept throwing food out when I didn’t plan. So now I sit down on Sunday night and I try to figure out what we are having for dinner for the week. It never fails that I draw a blank.

Taco Tuesday. That is easy. It isn’t always tacos, but it is normally something like it. And the kids normally eat it, or parts of it. Chubbs will eat the beans with cheese and Babykins will eat a taco with just meat and cheese. Chibi will eat tortilla chips and look at the rest with scorn. But what about the rest of the week?

My in laws were here last week. My sister in law and her husband. Her husband doesn’t eat pork because he is Jewish. For the life of me I couldn’t think of a single meal that didn’t contain pork… I couldn’t even think of tacos!

This keeps happening to me. One of my goals is to try new recipes. I also want to remember the food that I already make. So I am going to write them down and keep them near my planner so when I am meal planning I can actually think of more things than Taco Tuesday.


I ordered this recipe book from Blitzy over the holidays. I think they are sold in Michaels, but since I don’t have one here I was looking for it online. Amazon sold out of one right before I went to buy it and then Blitzy had it for half the price! I was super pleased. My plan is to write my recipes down in here as I discover them. I do already have a binder with some printed out recipes, but this would be a supplement to that binder. Hopefully I can come up with some tasty meals that my kids will also eat.

What’s for dinner tonight? Garlic and herb chicken with rice:)

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