100 Meter Kick

If you look at me now, you would never know it, but I used to be quite the runner. I was mostly an 800 meter runner, but I could run a pretty good quarter too. Anyway my last 100 meters was always where I gave it my all. I never had anything left at the end of the race… I feel like I am reaching that place in the crafty world as I try to finish everything all at once.

So I am trying to get those gifts done for teachers. Right now I have one hat done which I think is going to be too large. It is a Barley Hat by Tin Can Knits:


And I just started a Welted Cowl by Jane Richmond today:


Meanwhile I have started baby knitting since I found out I am pregnant with my fourth and last baby. This hat is from the book, One Skein:


I finished a test knit:


And of course I still have my monthly socks:


I still need to make one more gift for a teacher when all of this is done, plus the Husband wants a pair of socks. We are going to Cologne this weekend so hopefully I will get a bunch of car knitting done.


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