The Woven Scarf Project

I finally finished my Whiz Bangs woven scarf. I feel like everyone needs one of these. It was pretty much my sole reason for getting a loom in the first place and of course the delusion that I would be able to get rid of a ton of yarn from the stash. Yeah what was I thinking? Anyway I finished it and it is wonderful!

Then I got the idea to make scarves as gifts for all the teachers my kids seem to have this year. Chubbs has two plus a student teach who leaves this week. Babykins has two teachers he sees very often. So I got some yarn out and started my delusions of grandeur… But I already have one done! I warped my wheel on Friday night and finished it this morning! It is made out of some deep stash, madelinetosh sport in the thyme color way.

Then I thought I would be halfway through the next scarf but the yarn and circumstances had different things in mind for me. First the first skein of yarn ended up being terribly tangled as I tried to warp the loom. I had to cut it and sit for about 90 minutes in the detangle. Then the loom fell over and all my work got tangled and I had to rewarp it. So what normally takes a few minutes took hours. So I am barely started.

I hope to finish this one some time this week and start on the next one in the upcoming weekend. This one is a dk weight so I hope it goes quickly. The next one is a worsted weight so hopefully even more quickly! The one above is tidal wave in madelinetosh twist dk. The one waiting on deck is going to be in Ms. Taylor in tosh vintage. I am not sure what I am using for the other two yet. Maybe it will be more tosh, or maybe some malabrigo or sock yarn.

I hope to get these all done before the Husband gets back from his business trip. I do have one more to make out of Dancing Dog Dyeworks in Sugar Skulls as a barter, but I have already warned her that it will be a bit before she sees that one:)

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