I again decided to move things around in the craft room because I hope to get back into sewing and quilting.




And after:



 So I can now have my quilt wall back up again and I can show off my quilt placement. I think the room now looks a bit more open. I managed to throw out a lot of things so I am pretty happy with the results. I hope to get back into quilting by June at the latest. I still don’t have a ton of time to craft and I have been busy with some weaving and spinning. I need to get back into my cross stitch too. Luckily I have very little obligation knitting left. I made four bunnies for Easter. One for each of my kids and one for a swap with a friend from the UK, though she is originally from Australia. I don’t seem to have any bunny pictures on hand but maybe next time. I am also waiting for a light tent so maybe better pictures will soon be here as well.

I do have this cute little cross stitch to show off:

I bought this over six months ago. It was a part of the fall line up. I am hoping they maybe still have the fox and owl in stock. I have to drive to Mannheim to get to the same store which might not happen until May sadly. I looked for it online but the only place I could find it would not ship to me in Germany or the U.S.

Besides that Spring Break is now over. Normal lives start again tomorrow or as normal as we get. I made a ton of mini Pom Pom pets for Chubbs from a kit I got him. I might get a picture of them as well. They are cute and easy for an adult to make. Not so easy for a five year old.  The end of Spring Break means that I will hopefully have my computer back in about a month. I look forward to this a lot. There are many things that you cannot do on an iPad. And using an iPad to blog is anything but easy.

I have also thought about doing a supplement to the blog with a few videos here and there, but I am not sure if anyone would want to see it and if I am tech savvy enough to pull it off.  I guess I will put a pin in that thought and think about it later.

Hope everyone is having a happy spring or fall and that severe weather is over for a bit.

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