The Year of the Sheep!

So you know that song the Year of the Cat? Every time I think of the year of the sheep, I sing it to that tune in my head.

I am thinking that the year of the sheep is going to bring about some epic crafting. As I wrote yesterday, I have been off to a good start in 2015. Now I hope to keep it up. Lots of knitting, spinning, and general craftiness.

I have another project to post today. It was made for a swap on ravelry. We were supposed to take the pattern Voodoo you love me and turn it into a date for someone else. My partner liked the tenth doctor so I made him to be that doctor. Yesterday I posted a Tardis made out of perler beads and it was for this swap. Here is my voodoo:




My partner should get it today or tomorrow. I hope she likes him!

Have a great year of the sheep! May there be awesome crafting ahead for all of us!

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