Where Have I Been? Right Here

So last year I was all ready to blog more with my new domain and plenty of plans. But life often gets in the way. Have I been crafting? Yes! Loads! I even have the time to blog! I do not have a computer though. The past entries that I have made were all made on my iPad and quite painful to get how I wanted. So I let it fall off my plate.

Up until late October I had my awesome laptop, but the Husband took it with him on his business trip. We do have a big computer, but my kids are normally on it since it also acts as our main tv, blu ray player, and the wiiU is connected there. Plus it is optimized for my husband. He has used all the USB ports so it is hard to load my pictures, he uses a mouse instead of a trackball, and his desk is uncomfortable for me. Hence the lack of blogging.

I would love to do a huge update with all of my past projects, but I think that would drive me crazy on my iPad. As a temporary solution until I get my laptop back, I am going to start using flickr again for my pictures. Hopefully there will be more posts. I hope to have one full of projects and pictures tomorrow!

Sorry for falling off the side of the Earth. Again.

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