Getting There

I have a lot of things to show, but the weather has been terrible and so no nice pictures. There is never any light. I live in fog lately. Today the fog never left and I could hardly see across the street. We went to Verdun on Saturday and my camera wouldn’t take any pictures because it couldn’t focus on anything. I did finally get a few pictures. Verdun was a very solemn place to visit.


The city of Verdun seemed very nice though, and with many bakeries, and we will visit again, hopefully without fog.

In crafting I finished my commissioned hitchhiker shawl. I am currently blocking it over a heater in hopes it actually dries. If it isn’t dry by the morning I will probably start a fire to try to warm up the house to get it to dry. I hope to have some pictures soon.

In Christmas knitting I finished two hats for my niece and nephew. I just have one hat left for my other nephew and three monsters, one for each of them. I also finished some boot toppers for my year long swap. I only have one more project left there and I think it will be a monster as well. And I finished a cowl for my other swap. I don’t have pictures of the cowl either, but here are the hats in poor lighting and on a busy background.



And the boot toppers. I had a hard time deciding what to make here. My swap partner hasn’t been very vocal, but it was supposed to be something for the feet/legs. So socks, slippers, boot toppers, leg warmers, etc.


In stash acquisitions, I purchased some really bright fiber. I hope to make socks with it one day. I think striped socks in this would be awesome!


Besides that I hope to have some finished objects this week. I have the knitting I mentioned above, but I also hope to soon finish a blanket I have been working on for Chibi. I just started the last skein of it today!

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