Progress for Christmas

I have finished all the projects that I had lined up for teachers this year! I feel pretty good about this. My list now looks like this:

1) Cowl and hat for Kindergarten teacher
2) Cowl and hat for Kindergarten assistant teacher
3) Cowl for Third grade teacher
4) Chuck and hat for Nephew 1
5) Chuck and hat for Nephew 2
6) Chuck and hat for Niece

Other projects I need to finish soonish:
1) Chuck for Cheryl
2) Socks for year long swap
3) Monster for year long swap
4) Cowl for different swap

Projects I’d like to finish by the end of the year:
1) Test knit sweater
2) Blanket for the Little Miss
3) Woven scarf for no one
4) Voodoo for Sterlids on ravelry
5) Noodle for Sterlids on ravelry
6) Coat for the Little Miss

And I need to add a new project, my hitchhiker for the sample knit I am working on for TiBH. I received the yarn this week and cast on today. I am pretty excited about it and love how it looks so far. I might have it knit myself one in the future!

So here are some pictures of my finished projects. Now that I am done with these I will work on family knits once the sample knit is done.









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