Oh Look Shiny!

The Husband has challenged me to go without Internet for a month. He says if I do it then he will too. He is sure that this social experiment will save us a ton if money for the month. I am sure he is right. A few posts ago I wrote about how I had some moonrover fiber heading my way…. It got here this week. I am sure I could have lived without it, but when I saw it on Instagram I couldn’t forget about it. And since I was buying it I may as well pick up the mother braid I have been eyeing too, right? Had I spent less time in the Internet then this wouldn’t have come to my house and I am sure I would have lived. But look at it!



We have talked about this challenge many times and haven’t followed through on it, but I do wonder if I could do it. I don’t watch a lot of tv, but I am on the Internet often. Besides saving money, I wonder how many projects I could get done….

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