Starting My Resolutions

I am planning for 2015. I have been for a while. Maybe I am a bit eager in this, I don’t know. This year hasn’t been the best for crafting for me so I am looking to the future for an awesome year:) I think I am going to do the year of making as well. I should be done with 100 happy days by then and almost done with 100 active days. Only time will tell if I start it right away or wait a bit…

So here are some of my draft resolutions in no order, they may seem a bit selfish, but I am hoping to be a selfish knitter next year and knit mostly for myself and close family.

1) No swaps where I make things for other people. If I want to join a monster swap, then I remember this and I don’t join. I can easily make that monster for myself and not stress. I like these swaps, but I always stress the timelines.

2) Knit socks. I would like to say one pair a month, but I would be happy with one pair every two months for Operation Sock Drawer.

3) No obligation knitting. If someone has a baby tell them congrats and buy them some burp clothes. Stop making these gifts for people who might not even appreciate them.

4) No clubs. They always sound cool, but I never knit anything from them. Exception, monster clubs from DDD.

5) I need to craft other crafts, not just knitting.

6) Use what supplies I have on hand before buying new ones.

7) Embrace being an introvert. I don’t need knitting dates. They just stress me out normally. I need to just hang out with my Little Miss and supplies.

8) Post on blog at least once a week.

9) Like socks, I need to knit more sweaters!

10) Try to stick to one project at a time. Or one large project with one smaller one.

11) Knit WIPs up. Or frog them.

12) Try to get one Frosted Pumpkin sampler out each quarter.

13) Do the BOMs as you get them. Stop collecting.

14) No more test knits. They are fun, but they cause stress with deadlines.

15) Spin two to three braids a month.

16) Make two Fresh Stitches projects a month.

17) No more fiber in and only yarn on list allowed to be purchased.

This list is probably too ambitious. My little Chibi doesn’t let me craft all that much. But I would rather aim high and have to bring my expectations down a bit then keep them low. Also some of these are great things to follow even if I craft a little. I will probably revisit these and try to update them.

So do you have any resolutions?

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1 Response to Starting My Resolutions

  1. sewknitpicky says:

    Well. You know I always do. 😉

    Those do not sound too bad at all! Two pairs of socks in a year is doable and better than none. A cross stitch sampler in 3 months is doable too! It can be hard to resist the siren call of clubs and yarns when there is a feeling of scarcity. There will always be more pretty yarn and fiber; time to enjoy some of what you already have. 😀


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