Christmas Knitting

Somewhere after all the kids left my house after I was crazy enough to let me kids have a Halloween party I sat down and made a list. I think I was high off of candy and the quiet that had engulfed my house after all the kids had left and my boys were quietly playing on a different floor. I made a Christmas gift list. Not just any list, a what to knit for Christmas gifts list. Now that it is on paper I feel committed.

Today I sat down and matched yarn to projects. It seems that I have a lot of Malabrigo to use in colors that people like so that is all I picked for this first go around. Malabrigo is truly wonderful though. It is a great price for a nice yarn that I can give away without cringing at the cost. The only issue I have with Malabrigo is winding it. Today I wound three skeins, all in Rios. Only one skein was easy to wind. Another skein took me about ten minutes with the swift and ball winder. The last skein took me an hour to hand wind from the swift. Really, Malabrigo is terrible at this and I almost always get bad skeins, but I deal with it, knitting first world problems, right?

So here is my Christmas list:
1) Cowl and hat for Kindergarten teacher
2) Cowl and hat for Kindergarten assistant teacher
3) Cowl for Third grade teacher
4) Chuck and hat for Nephew 1
5) Chuck and hat for Nephew 2
6) Chuck and hat for Niece

Other projects I need to finish soonish:
1) Chuck for Cheryl
2) Socks for year long swap
3) Monster for year long swap
4) Cowl for different swap

Projects I’d like to finish by the end of the year:
1) Test knit sweater
2) Blanket for the Little Miss
3) Woven scarf for no one
4) Voodoo for Sterlids on ravelry
5) Noodle for Sterlids on ravelry
6) Coat for the Little Miss

What was I thinking? Well, there is only one thing to do and that is to get knitting!

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