Who Ordered a Sheep? Zombody Did…

It would seem that I did… Remember how I just said that I need a ratio system for in and out on fiber. Yeah, you can laugh now because I need to be cut off. Seriously. Below you can see my order from the recent Western Sky Knits coop. And I bought two braids of fiber yesterday from Moonrover. I need to stop because though this fiber is lovely I have no idea where to store it. I also got nine skeins of yarn in the mail today. All of it is lovely. But really enough is enough. I am going to try to not buy any yarn until around May 15th and save up some cash to buy some sweater quantities at Wollmeise next year.

Can I do it? I think so, because I have made a stash to project list that should take me well into 2016. I do of course have a few exemptions. I am part of a three month fiber club right now from moonrover.  I will do my three months and then not renew that, though I love the fiber. That is the only fiber I have heading my way besides the two I ordered yesterday. Oh and I was selected to do a knit for Two if By Hand, they are going to pay me in $25 of fiber so I am allowed that as well.

As to yarn. I am in the Woolen Rabbit club until April. I will not renew, no matter how tempting. I have yet to knit any of, not for lack of love of the yarn, but just having too much. I get a kit for a crocheted toy every two months from fresh stitches. I need to try to crochet two toys a month to catch up. If I can do this or have made a dent by February, then I will keep this club. The kids love the toys… Other exemptions, I have two sweater quantities on order from a coop from Western Sky Knits again and I will be ordering some Zombody yarn this year as they become available from Desert Vista Dyeworks. Besides that I need to spin and knit and stop buying.

Here is my new sheep:

Zombody yarn from Desert Vista Dyeworks

Zombody yarn from Desert Vista Dyeworks

Western Sky Knits fiber from a recent coop

Western Sky Knits fiber from a recent coop

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2 Responses to Who Ordered a Sheep? Zombody Did…

  1. Verónica says:

    Um, you may have a problem. Not a bad problem!


  2. sewknitpicky says:

    We can cheerlead for you, just sayin’! You have the most amazing stash: time to make some of that potential a reality. ♥


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