Spinning Confessions

For someone who owns two spinning wheels and a flock of sheep worth of fiber, I don’t spin that much. I want to spin… I want to turn all that fiber into yarn. Here is another terrible confession, I have never knit with my own handspun yarn. Sad, but all true.

I am trying to get back into spinning, but Chibi loves to get into my wheel. She grabs at the fiber, she pulls on the twine. She gets her hands caught. It is just a mess. I cannot blame her entirely though. Most of the time I would rather just knit.

A few weeks ago I did a swap with a friend in Japan. She sent me awesome things from Japan and I sent her stuff from Europe. She tried to spindle spin and it didn’t take. So she sent me two braids of fiber in the package. I figured that since she purchased it, she must have wanted it spun up. So I spun one braid for her. Sadly, I do not have the before picture. It was a braid of Spun Right Round in Falkland. The colorway was called Circus. I sent it back to her when it was done. Maybe it will become something one day soon!

Skein of Spun Right Round

Skein of Spun Right Round

I need to work on my skeining skills

I need to work on my skeining skills

An important take away from this is that this didn’t take me long to do at all. So maybe I should spin all that fiber I have coming in. Another confession, I have a ton more coming in. I am weak. I do have plans to make a ratio system for what I am allowed to buy in the future though. That might be my next post;)

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