Chubbs is Knitworthy

I have three kids. Two boys and a girl. Chibi, my daughter, might be knitworthy. I am not sure yet. She tends to throw off any hat that I make her, but she has worn some sweaters for long periods of time. And when it was cold she did wear her berry hat and pumpkin hat a bit. I want to make her a daisy hat next.

Babykins likes what I knit him, but then seems to forget about it. He used to tell everyone in daycare that I made him the sweater he was wearing. Maybe I need to knit him more sweaters because he liked the robot hat I made him last year, but never wore it.

Then there is Chubbs. My middle child. This little boy is my buddy. He adores being around me and I can do no wrong. So he loves everything I make. If I knit him something this shows that I thought about him and there is no greater thing for my little Chubbs than his mama paying attention to him.

Yesterday I was knitting on the couch with him as he played on his DS. For the first time he didn’t ask me if what I was making was for him. I was surprised. I guess he was in the gaming zone. I finished the hat and had the Husband give it to him. Little Chubbs put it on right away and came to see me. He was so happy with his new hat. It was blue and his favorite color and he liked how it seemed to have cat ears. Because of this I took the leftover yarn and knit him another hat. That’s right, I knit two hats in one day. But the yarn was chunky and it was for a small five year old head.

He was asleep when I finished the second hat. I found his stuffed animal and took it upstairs to his room to put next to him along with the new second hat. Little Chubbs was asleep and still wearing the hat. He was wearing it when he came down for breakfast and kept it on as we ran errands. The little boy is knitworthy. I think I need to make him a monster next, but not until I finish a few other projects.


Chubbs’s Koala hat

The hat was made with Lang 50 yarn using the Koala Pattern.

The second hat was knit in the same yarn using the very simple Quick Stocking Hat.

The second hat

The second hat

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