Returning to the Land of the Living

Don’t you know that the best laid plans can go crazy? I had all these grandiose dreams of doing a post with an updated tour of my yarn room and then a post about all my WIPs and trying to tame them down. I also had a plan to take my kids and self to get some flu shots. Of course all of this was impossible when I came down with the stomach flu on Tues/Wed. I had some pretty bad days and ended up going to the Emergency Room yesterday, but all is well now and I can keep food in once more. So those posts have not occurred yet, but hopefully they will soon!

So I have finished a few things since the last time I wrote. Or I had things that were done and I had not posted any pictures of them yet. And today, since I am back in the land of the living I decided to take pity on my family who had sandwiches all week long and cook.

This first monster was Tony the Toy Box monster made for the Rebecca Danger group’s naked monster swap on Ravelry. He was made with Lorna’s Laces Green Line DK in the color Festival of Light. I thought he was quite nice in his autumn colors for the Halloween swap. I sent the rest of the yarn off with him in case his new owner wanted to make him a like friend.

Tony the Toy box monster for a monster swap

Tony the Toy box monster for a monster swap

This cowl was knit in Meliferra’s Cash Aran. The pattern was Oats by tin can knits. It is also for a swap. This one is a year long swap where you knit something each month for a swap partner and get a nice package around Christmas. I have enjoyed this swap, but I will not be doing it again. One thing I have learned is that I need to stop these swaps where I knit for other people because I get stressed out thinking it isn’t nice enough and worrying that the gifts will not be liked. I have better things to stress about than knitting. So one resolution for next year (there will be a blog post later on this going into more detail) is to stop the obligation knitting. Well almost all of it.

A cowl for a year long swap

A cowl for a year long swap

Can you guess what this little guy was for? If you guessed another monster swap then you would be right. This time for the Susan Claudino group on ravelry. I love her patterns and thought what fun, but I am really bad at making faces and stressed that this little Boo Crew member also knit in the above Lorna’s Laces would be hated. My swap partner said she was quite happy with him. I sent a ton of candy too and a few other items since this was not a naked swap. I think he turned out well, but not as nicely as some others. I need to work on my face skills!

A Boo Crew monster for a different monster swap

A Boo Crew monster for a different monster swap

These had been on the needles since March. I had wanted to finish them before the family and I went to Tuscany for Spring Break since I had some yarn named Tuscany that I wanted to knit with while out there, but since I just finished these yesterday, I am sure you can guess that this did not happen. These were the my knitted heart vanilla socks pattern. I did magic loop, two socks at the same time and I used the no longer in business Goth Socks Laudanum in the colorway Chemically Calm. They fit rather nicely and I am crazy enough to have already caked another ball of yarn in hopes of more socks. I really want a sock drawer full of hand knit socks one day. If only I was faster at knitting them!

The socks I have had on the needles since March

The socks I have had on the needles since March

The doughnuts were a spur of the moment thing when my son saw my new doughnut pan had come in the mail. He asked so nicely, how could I tell Chubbs no, so I made some doughnuts and they turned out quite well. The Husband still wants me to make some fried ones though.


Doughnuts in the oven


Finished doughtnuts

And I was finally well enough to make a family favorite, some beef bulgogi. The kids love it and it reminds the Husband and me of times in South Korea.


Bulgogi in the pan


Finished bulgogi with rice. Mmmmm!

But before I got sick, I talked my husband into taking us to a pumpkin festival. It was clearly catered to Americans and all the local Americans must have been there, but it was wonderful. We had pumpkin bratwursts and pumpkin wine! It was a tasty adventure. We of course took lots of pictures of the kids with the huge pumpkins, but by then they were hot and tired and wanted to go home. Below is the best picture I could get! At least Chubbs looks happy with the ear of corn he found.

The we want to go home has hit hard

The we want to go home has hit hard

And of course we could not appease the kids and go straight home. We had to stop and make them walk so they could see the Sheepies. Chubbs loved it as well. The other two had cheered up by then, but were even happier when we parked the car back in the garage.

Sheep close to our home

Sheep close to our home

And with that I will end this post and hope for good health so I can post some more soon. Have a great week!

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1 Response to Returning to the Land of the Living

  1. sewknitpicky says:

    Glad to hear you’re on the mend! You and those stomach bugs. 😛

    Lovely projects. You’ve been productive!


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