On New Beginnings

Here it is! Still working on how I want it to look, but I think this is a good start. ChibiLikesEwe.com is born. I hope to post more often here and try to have a polished look. We will see in time if I can keep that promise:)

A word on the name. I have three kids, my youngest is my only girl and she is nicknamed Chibi because she is small and cute (I am her mother, I have to think that she is cute…). The second part is bringing a craft into the name. I thought about the potential of crafts for a while, but it was too much. The potential of making didn’t sound right either. This name is what I used for my hand dyed yarn (to date I have dyed about 5 skeins and I doubt I will dye anymore any time soon…) so I decided to go with it. I did like the last name of Stitch in Thyme, but honestly it was pretty common and I wanted something just a little unique and where you didn’t have to figure out which spelling was used in the URL.

Over the next few days I hope to start posting about goals, because with new web site, must come new goals:)

Thanks for reading!

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1 Response to On New Beginnings

  1. sewknitpicky says:

    Looking forward to seeing more content from you! 😀


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