I have actually been productive this week. This is probably because the Husband took leave this week. He was very sweet and took it because he knew that this week was going to be hard on me with my little Chubbs starting kindergarten.

Speaking of that, I made a monster for his lunchbox on the first day of school as well:

I also finished a test knit hat! It looks terrible, but it is really a nice hat. My camera broke so I have to make due until I decide what I am going to do for a new camera or fixed camera.

Besides that I made some crafts for a swap package I am sending out on Monday. I made my first dish towel and a dish cloth. It is hard to see, but the dish cloth is supposed to have an apple on it. I look forward to many more projects in the upcoming weeks. I want to finish the year out strong.

Speaking of the rest of the year, I have some goals. Mostly, I want to get my WIPs in line. I have so many of them! I will probably post a post of shame in the next few days detailing all the projects I have in waiting. And I am starting to think of resolutions for next year. This year didn’t go so well, but I have discovered that I like cutting things into small pieces and going from there. So I think I will have monthly or quarterly things that I want to get done next year instead of blanket items to cover the whole year. 

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