Yet Another Birthday

My two boys are three years apart in age, but only six days apart. One has his birthday on the 20th of August and the other on the 20th. I thought this was awesome, but it is getting harder as they get older. The Little Miss was due on the 23rd of August. So it would have been each three days! Luckily she decided to take pity on me and was born on the 23rd of July. Early, but healthy. This gives me a bit less stress:)

So I made a cake for Babykins. He turned 8 this year! He wanted a cake that looked like his teddy bear.

His birthday was on the second day of school. It was third grade and his first year in intermediate school. So to help him have a great day I put a monster in his lunchbox. I still have to make one for Chubbs. He starts kindergarten on Wednesday. But Babykins loved his monster, though Chubbs is trying to steal it…

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