The Stash is Out of Control

I ordered some yarn in March. Ten skeins. I still don’t have it. Yes, I ordered it in March and it is the end of July. I am not pleased about it, but I want the yarn. Supposedly, I am supposed to get it next week. When I went to my stash shelves I saw that there is no way that ten skeins will fit in the spot where I keep this dyers yarn. So I need to make some more room. What is right next to it? Plucky in Primo Aran. So I decided to make some room. I am making an eight skein blanket for the Little Miss. I am hoping to make this somewhat quickly because I have a lot of WIPs that I want to get done. The Little Miss is still very demanding and has not let me knit much. But here is what I am going to use:

Wish me luck in a fast knit!
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