Plucky Scholar

Today I received my sweater quantity of the Plucky Knitter’s Scholar in the mail.

To be honest, I am not sure that I like it. It looks nice, but it doesn’t feel like it has 25% cashmere to it. I guess it is supposed to feel like tweed, but I was excepting something softer with cashmere and merino in it. Also the ply seems to be a bit loose so I think that it may pill. Who knows when I will ever get to this sweater, but when I do I guess there we will see if it was worth all the hype.

I also ordered a sweater quantity in the Plucky Knitter’s Aran. It is supposed to pill as well. I have only made accessories with it so far so I haven’t experienced pilling. I ordered it in Signature Cocktail. Oh and the Scholar is in Oatmeal.

Lastly in my good mail day was my Moonrover fiber club for June. It is lovely as always.

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