New Projects!

And now on to new projects!

The Mysterious Halloween Town!

I hope to actually make this one as the pattern clues come out. First clue is out today. But it came out at 10 pm my time so I think I will actually start it tomorrow. I do however, have all my supplies ready to go!

And I am knitting too. Here is a test knit I am making for Mollie on Ravelry. The pattern is already out and I should have finished it when I was in Italy, but Italy was very busy and when I got back I lost my knitting mojo. Well it is back, so on to Evergreen!

Also I am thinking about making a hat with some Plucky Knitter that you also see in the picture. It is brulee in bulky. I am looking at Bella’s Hat. I really enjoyed the one I made for one of Babykin’s teachers. It was hard to give away.

So yay to summer vacation and new projects! To date we have had two picnics and one bike ride. We even went to France today for lunch. Not to shabby for less than a week into break:)

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