All Good Things Need Replacing

Hang out with me for more than ten minutes and you will find that I tend to put music lyrics and quotes from movies in my conversations a lot. I don’t stop for effect, either you heard it or you didn’t. I used to do it a lot on my papers in college, they were all titled and had titles from song. Here is a case of it. All good things need replacing. Yes, it is from a song, and sadly a good title for this post.

When my little Babykins (who is almost eight) was born I had a happy snap camera. It was good enough for taking pictures of Alaskan landscapes which didn’t move. It was sadly very bad at taking pictures of my son who moved very fast. By the time the flash was up and the camera took the picture, my son was in a totally different part of our little house. So I made the Husband take me to Best Buy where I purchased my first real camera, my Nikon D40. I don’t think they make this camera anymore. It was a great camera for taking pictures of my quick son and of the Alaskan scenery.

Then I discovered lenses that my little camera could not handle. They were still not full frame lenses, but lenses that it could not focus. So I went back to Best Buy and purchased my upgrade camera, my D90. Most of the pictures you have seen in this blog were taken with that camera. Well over the weekend we went to some gardens here in Germany and we got caught in some rain. My camera still worked the next day when we took pictures of Babykin crossing over from one rank to another in Cub Scouts, but then the next day nothing. So I am back to my D40 which still works after all these years of neglect. I am looking at new cameras. I have decided against a full frame because I have so many lenses and really my skills are minimal so it would be too much camera for me. I am thinking about upgrading to the “new” D90, the D7100. But for now, my D40 will do what I need.

I have a bunch of things to show!

First up, my last skein of Yarntini Choose Your Own stripe club. I have been in about 4 iterations of this and have loved them all. She is not doing anymore of the club for the year as she moves. I hope she starts it again after she gets settled in:)

More obligation knitting! This skein will become a cowl for my son’s homeroom teacher:)

My last skein of Dancing Dog Dyeworks that was out in the world. I missed the last update so I have nothing on its way to me. I am sure I will pick something up next update. This is from the Slo Mo update in Poppies. I had already purchased the other colorway.

I leave my umbrella swift out all the time. Even before I had a craft room it always sat on the kitchen table. I picked up a nice cover for it from Slipped Stitch Studios. Little Chubbs loves it and admires it often. It is supposed to be a carrier so the sheep are upside-down. I still heart it though.

A few posts ago I had shown some of my cross stitch supplies. They are getting out of hand. Here they are in bags and project bags. I spent a day organizing them so I could have the fabric and floss all in the same place for each project.

This is just telling me that I need to cross stitch more. In the background you can now see my broken camera. 😦

And I splurged on some more project bags because can you ever have too many? These are from Honeycomb Homestead. I love them!

And then Two If By Hand had an inventory sale. Things were 25% off. I couldn’t say no to five braids of pretties and they shipped them with my two club colors. They currently have sign ups for their summer club, but I just can’t do it. I don’t have space for these pretties, let alone more. To make it worse, I haven’t spun since last year’s Tour de Fleece. So I am not signing up. Really, I am not. Even though I still have time. I must be strong!

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