Obligation Knitting

There can be a lot of opportunities to knit out there. I knit for myself, for family, for friends. Then there are other knits. Sometimes I join a swap and knitting needs to be done in that and at the end of the year I like to knit for teachers. Sometimes my coworkers would ask for knits when I worked. I have a hard time saying no. Once I had an overeager fellow who really wanted a monster for his niece. I did not want to knit him anything and I was being really good about saying no until he came in with a ripcord watchband including watch. Well hell, how was I supposed to say no now that he had made me something that was unwanted, but a hand crafted gift nonetheless.

So here is where I talk about obligation knitting. Most of the time obligation knitting is of my own doing. The example from above is perhaps the only time where I really had to knit something as a repayment. I have quite a few things going on now and a lot of it has contributed to my knitting mojo collapsing. It is rather sad. I keep buying yarn as if I were knitting a sweater a week, but nothing really comes off the needles. Except for obligation knitting. Knitting I have forced myself to knit. I am not begrudging the person or people I knit for at all. I dug my own hole, but I think some of my loss of mojo may come from knowing I must knit these first before I can knit something I want to knit. This is a bit strange because normally I power through things to get to the end game. For instance, I clean so that I can not feel guilty about crafting. I eat my food in order from least liked food to most liked food. It isn’t that I don’t like the food, it is that I like the stuff I save for last the most so I save it for last. Not so with obligation knitting.

Here is a hat I knit for a swap:

I think I forgot to share it because it was something I quickly knit in a day to fill a swap box. I really like the person I knit it for, but I wanted to be working on a test knit for Mollie.

Today I finished one monster and am starting another one. I hope to have the second done tomorrow. Monsters don’t take me very long:

Chubbs kept coming up to me and asking me for a blue monster. I would love to cast one on for him, but I must get through my obligation knitting first. Oh how I long for carefree knitting. I understand that in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t really the worst of problems to have, but still, I long for knitting freedom.

Next on the list:
Monster for swap
Hat for math teacher
Cowl for home room teacher

Then hopefully on to the test knit!

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