My Craft Room, A Work In Progress

I know I have shown pictures of my craft room before, but it is never quite right. I think ultimately I have too much stuff in a room that is too small and where I cannot do exactly what I want for fear of mold getting on the walls. The room is mostly underground and houses in Germany do not have central heating systems, so the air doesn’t get to move as it would in a basement in the States. So all the furniture is at least 6 inches from the wall and I don’t have the shelves along exterior walls where I actually want them.

I can’t complain though because I do have a wonderful craft room. Even if it is cluttered, I have a dedicated space that is all my own. Though the Little Miss does try to get into everything.

The computer space and cutting boards. I just added the second table. I had the second table to begin with but it seemed to take up too much room. I have a different configuration now. Plus I realized it is just me in this room. I doubt anyone will come to visit, so who cares? I am trying to take advantage of having more under table storage by moving things that were stacked up against the wall next to the chair. I have laid out some cutting boards so I can quilt again. Behind all of this next to the couch is my sewing machine and my yarn swift. The ball winder is on the table and makes for a good combo. The camera there is my second camera and has a macro lens on it so I can take pictures of yarn and projects without having to change the lens. I managed to fit my second spinning wheel under the tables along with quilting supplies and most of my cross stitch kits and supplies. My blocking mats are down there too. The space under the table also holds my extra camera lenses and that basket has thread crochet and dish cloth yarn in it.

Here is the rest of the room. The yarn is still stored in the Ikea cabinets along the interior wall. I have a comfy couch which needs to be refinished, but is perfect for me. My loom and spinning wheel take up a lot of space here, but again, for the times I have had company this shouldn’t matter. The red tubs are filled with fiber that I need to spin and the yarn blanks on top are waiting to become dyed yarn one day. At the feet of my couch are my WIP basket, a basket of cheap yarn for toys, and a blanket I have been working on for years.

Here you can see the baskets and bags better. Lots of clutter as I said, but it is my clutter. I now see that there is something under my couch and I blame my kids:) Here you can also see my small sewing machine that I am using while in Europe since my Janome is in storage back in Texas somewhere. In the very back is some art work to keep me happy from family. Under the sewing table is fabric. I don’t just horde yarn.

View from the couch. You can see the camera set up on a tripod with my printer and computer beyond that. My loom sits waiting to be warped with some end of year school gifts for teachers. On the left you can see a basket full of finished projects (no closets in Germany) in front of my yarn cabinets. On top of the yarn cabinets are fabric and multitude of supplies for other projects. My bookshelf needs to be trimmed a bit and the magazine holders on top of it hold DVDs for Interweave Knit magazines and magazines I wanted to keep. I did manage to get rid of a ton of magazines. Next to the bookshelf are some crates that are full of stamping supplies and other crafting supplies. I need to organize them better. I had them stacked higher, with the redo of my room I managed to bring them down a bit and am happy with that, though I may try to put some of them under the tables as well.

Last picture. My yarn shelves which are bursting with yarn still. Fabric over them in boxes and baskets. There are buttons, dyeing supplies, and other things up there. You can see my spinning wheel which still holds fiber from last July on it. In front of the shelves, but hard to see is my step stool. It opens and is full of crochet animal kits that I want to get to soon.

So, to you it may not look like it, but it is an improvement. I managed to tame down a little bit of clutter. Being honest with myself, the only way to really get rid of clutter is to get rid of stuff, but I think about one day wanting to do the craft and having purged what I needed and having to re-buy doesn’t make me happy. I guess I just need to craft more:)

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2 Responses to My Craft Room, A Work In Progress

  1. Emily says:

    I LOVE your yarn storage! I'd love to be able to see my yarn … mine is totally stuffed into the chest of drawers in the “guest” room–good luck guests, no clothes storage for you! And in large bins in the closet. I think your room looks perfect!


  2. Jen says:

    Thank you so much Emily!


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