Masonry Mitts

I am in a year long swap. Every month we make different projects to be delivered around Christmas time. In April I was supposed to make something for the hands. I made some Masonry Mitts. It took me about two days to make them and I didn’t make them until May:( I was about three days late I think. May is all about toys so I am hoping to knit a couple for the boys and swaps. I just have to start knitting right?

And in more crafts that I don’t get done, there are two more Frosted Pumpkin patterns coming out. Guess who purchased the patterns and the supplies even though she has yet to finish even one. Yes, me. But I am really excited about them, you should go check them out!

In other news, yarn shopping has gone up while consumption has gone down. I might start showing new yarn acquisitions here just to have some posts:)

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