The Unnamed Duck

I fear crochet. I know it is silly, but I do. There are some lovely patterns out there made by Fresh Stitches that I have been collecting. I have a whole box of them. I keep picking one up and then putting it back because I don’t want to ruin the cute little kit.

Last night I decided to try one. Stacey, the maker of Fresh Stitches, recommended Mal the Duck. I checked to see and sure enough I owned the kit. I think my gauge was off and I need to use a smaller hook, but in the end I finished my duck. This was with much cheering from Chubbs who saw me making it and immediately assumed it was for him. He has is right now in his bed as he sleeps. How can I deny such cuteness?

I didn’t follow the instructions correctly. I know nothing of crochet and missed the part which said to use the bottom loops, I used both. He is sewn together in a shaky fashion, but here he is:

He has no name. I personally like the name Mal from Malcolm Reynolds from the tv show Firefly, but my boys kept giving him different names. I guess we will see if anything sticks. For now, I am looking at the other kits and trying to decide on my next one:)

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