Through the Loops Mystery Sock Knit Along

Today the first clue to the Through the Loops Mystery Sock Knit Along came out. The kids tried their hardest to keep me from knitting, but I managed to finish both socks. Well the cuff for both. It used a picot edge which was a pain, but once I got the hang of it the second sock went a lot faster.

I did realize while making this that I need more sock knitting needles. So I decided to get a set of Sock Rockets. I found them on and I cannot wait to get them. I got the 32 inch cables for magic looping and I hope to be knitting more socks soon with them.

More delusions of grandeur, I want to knit two of these socks. Or rather two pairs… The sock pattern uses two colors and I thought that I could make the opposite with the left over yarn. These socks are purple with grellow accents. I am thinking about making some grellow socks with purple accents. I guess I should see if I can even keep up first.

Now to cast on some hats and wait for clue two to come out in both the sock pattern and the Ysolda MKAL. Yay!

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