Nothing to Show

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. I left the wonderful land of knit a hat a day and entered back into the real world where I was greeted by all the laundry I had not done and a lot of dishes. I did work on a hat here and there and was close to finishing yesterday. However, I ran out of yarn. I should have known better. All of the people who knit it came close to the exact yardage that I had on my skein of yarn. I know that I knit loosely so I should have gone down a few needles sizes. So I had to frog and I have nothing to show for my time. So sad.

In other delusions of grandeur, I have signed up for two mystery knit alongs. One is for a shawl and one is for a pair of socks. I am in a swap and I hope the socks will be used for the swap. We will see if I can keep up and get them done in time. I also have decided to start up on cross stitching again this year and the first clue comes out tomorrow. And the first clue for the shawl comes out tomorrow. I haven’t even wound any yarn. I am hopeless. Plus tomorrow will be a lot of time on errands since I have put off an oil change for way too long. I guess I can knit if the babies let me while we wait in line.

Babykins also has a birthday party to go to which is cutting into my day since I have to pick him up from school and take him to the rendezvous point. Then I get to pick him up a few hours later. He is so excited about this party though. It will be his first birthday party. And he has started Boy Scouts! Today he came home with some planks of wood and some nails. I am just waiting for him to ask me for a hammer… This will be so good for him since he wants to learn all these skills:)

So since knitting the Ocelot hat I really have nothing to show for my time except for some nicely folded laundry that has been put away into shelves and wardrobes. Well and a ball of yarn from the frogged hat. I hope to start on it again tomorrow. I know, I know, so many delusions. I just so love the potential of crafts. 

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