I always say that I am not going to make any resolutions for the new year, but I am thinking about it for this year. I would like to get some things accomplished in the new year. I feel like I didn’t get much done in 2013, well besides having the Little Miss, but especially since she has been born I feel like my overall productivity has gone down quite a bit. So I would like to work on it this year.

So in no particular order here are my resolutions, maybe it would be better to call them goals:

– One new recipe per week, we need to add new foods to the repertoire
– Have one non knitting day per week to get other crafts done
– Try to buy less and knit more this year, I really have enough yarn, I don’t need to buy more
– No fiber. If I want to buy fiber it needs to be at a 10 to 1 ratio
– Finish two BOM a month to catch up with my quilt clubs
– Spin two braids a month
– Keep up with the Once Upon a Time Sampler
– 30 minutes a day of German on week days, I really should be able to speak a little
– Make two ornaments a month for my homemade tree goal
– No more fiber clubs, I seem to think that clubs are fine, but here I am saying it, no more fiber, in any form

I may add to this later, but this is good for now. Also I am going to post my project goals this week. I have some things that I want to get knit ASAP!

But for now I will share my latest FO. I started this blanket back in May for Madtosh May. I put it down a lot. But over the past week I just decided I wanted it done. I finished crocheting it last night and wove the ends in today. The Husband is very happy with it:)

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One Response to Resolutions

  1. Lovely blanket, Jen! Best of luck with cutting out the fiber clubs. They're all so tempting.


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