Resolutions Continued – The Craft Room

Below are some pictures of my craft room. There will be some with a fisheye lens which will distort the pictures, but give you a better idea of how the layout is in the room and then some pictures with a regular lens.

I love my craft room. I realize that I am very lucky to have one. Having all of my things laid out and not having to put them away every time I stop crafting is wonderful. My room has gotten out of control though.
Easy enough to see is the wall of yarn inside of the cabinets. I really want to start making some room in those shelves. Right now they are jam packed and I had to fix the backs of them since the yarn had pushed out the backs of the shelves. On top of the shelves are tons of boxes full of other crafts including a lot of fabric for quilts.
In front of the couch is a basket of yarn and another basket full of WIPs. That white table that has my sewing machine is full of fabric as well. The table that my computer sits on is full of crafting materials underneath to include cross stitch materials, fabrics, and weaving supplies. If you look at my loom, it is bare and needs a project.
The bookshelf is full of books with projects I would love to get to and those crates next to the bookshelf are full of supplies too. Those crates house stamping supplies and jewelry making kits along with other crafts. The plastic boxes next to the crates are full of cross stitching supplies. 
That step stool in front of my yarn shelves? It is full of crochet kits that I need to make. The two big tubs next to the couch are bursting with fiber. Sadly, most of that fiber was in my yarn shelves, but when the shelves started to explode I had to move things out. I managed to spin once last year. I own two spinning wheels!
What is the point of all this? I have way too much! I love the potential of crafts but do not get to them as quickly as I buy them. Yesterday I posted about my goals for the year. A big one was to make space in this room. I cannot stand clutter, but that is all this room is at this time. I do not want to throw things away, but I need to start crafting. One of my major resolutions or goals this year is to not add to this room. This will be hard. I get so excited at the prospect of a new project, but then I get bogged down by what I already have and this leads to guilt for having too much.
In 2014 I hope to make more and collect less.
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