Short Post

Today will just be a short post. I am trying to update this blog at least once a week. Not sure why since my mother is the only reader, but I am trying to stay more current.

In Germany, Christmas Markets are a big deal. Every town has one even if it is just a few booths with some food. I love Christmas Markets. This weekend we went to one close by after illness made us cancel our five Christmas markets in three days Bavarian tour. However, I saw a new pattern on Ravelry for a cowl called Gluwein which is the warm wine they sell at the markets. I had to make one and wore it to the market. I like to think it is a good wine color too:

Excuse the terrible mirror shot. Just know that it is lovely!

I also made a toy for a swap a few weeks (months?) ago. I hadn’t posted it because it was a surprise swap, just like I won’t post the pictures of the ornaments I am making for my current swap. Later I suppose:) Please meet, Blob Zombie. Cute pattern and it was easy to knit. Loved it!

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