Tour de Fleece – Day 2

I finished spinning the braid I was working on yesterday. I have not plied it yet. I think I will N-ply it. It is “resting” right now and I will ply it either today or tomorrow.

Then I reached into my Two if By Hand bin and randomly grabbed this one:

It is muertos in MCN. It feels so soft and slippery after the BFL/silk. I am having a hard time spinning it as thin as usual, but that is okay. This is how much I have so far. Not a lot, but a start:

I was thinking that this one could totally be a 2 ply because of all the crazy colors, but then I decided not to split the braid. I just grabbed the whole thing and started spinning from one end. Now I am noticing very long color stretches so I might end up N-plying this one too. It has been a while since I have actually done a straight 2-ply… Maybe the next braid? I hope to have this one spun by the end of Thursday.

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