Interrupting the Tour de Fleece for a Jam Session

Today I was a very nice day. I decided to take Babykins and Chubbs out to the strawberry farm. I disguised using my kids as slave labor as a family activity. I had them pick strawberries and thus have used them as child labor. Don’t tell them though since they have asked to go again next week when the Husband is back from a business trip. So with all of these strawberries I decided that today was the day and I interrupted the Tour de Fleece efforts for a jam session.

I have never canned before, but I have wanted to for quite a while. I collected the supplies during the dead of winter when the sun wasn’t shining at all in Germany. It was a way to stay sane in the darkness, well that and buying really bright yarn. I bought a ton of mason jars I now realize, but I want to start dyeing yarn too so I think I have a healthy number to do both now.

So as Chubbs napped, or perhaps pretended to nap, I made jam. I am not sure if it will taste as I am dreaming it will. My stove did not want to boil the huge pots. Maybe I need to make smaller batches. I must remember that everything seems smaller here in Europe, including the burners. Then when I covered the pot to process the jam it started to finally boil as it should have earlier and spilled water everywhere, which has taught me that I need a bigger pot, though I am not sure a bigger pot will boil.

Besides wishing that it tastes wonderful, I am also hoping that I don’t poison my family. The jam is supposed to sit for 24 hours. The Husband gets back tomorrow night. So I think on Thursday we will test it out. If this turns out well then I want to make strawberry vanilla jam and then apple butter.

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