Cook’s Illustrated Shepard’s Pie

The Husband has taken to reading my subscription of Cook’s Illustrated. It was something he took up while I was on a business trip in 2011. I think it is more like shopping. He is looking for what he wants me to cook next. Sadly, I do not make new things as much as I should. I have my Cook’s Illustrated and I almost never make things out of it unless the Husband asks. So this time it was Cook’s Shepard’s Pie. It looked and sounded tasty. I bought the ingredients I needed and I spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen. This recipe is nice because online it has a video you can watch to see exactly what they did to make the meal. I am glad that he pushed me to make it because I think that it will be added to our normal rotation.

As you can probably tell, I have finally arisen from the world of no internet. It took months, but we finally have our connections and everything is running smoothly so I hope to be posting more often and I plan to write some catch up posts here and there as well.

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