The Black Forest

Today we went to the Black Forest. It was rainy most of the trip, but even so it was delightful. My pictures are unfortunately dark, but I am sure we will be back again to get some nicer shots:) I actually thought that the pictures were nice with all the fog lending them a spooky sort of vibe. 
And what can a trip through Germany be without a few castles as we drove by. Most of my shots didn’t turn out though.
And when in the Black Forest you have to look at Cuckoo clocks and eat Black Forest cake. Sadly, I did not get a picture of the cake. I had left my camera in the car and it was eaten very quickly anyway… We drove by the world’s largest cuckoo clock and even got there in time to see it go off! We got to tour the inside as well to see how the clocks work. 

 And on the long trip I got to work on my alpaca blanket that I have been work on for years. No pictures of it right now, but here are some pictures of my latest FOs. First a hat that I made with leftover yarn from a pair of socks (Alternato) and second my Rayures cowl.

Overall another great weekend!

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