The First Few Weeks

We have yet to get settled in Germany, but we are having a great time thus far. I have a lot of catching up to do and hopefully I will be able to do that when I get more reliable internet, but for now I wanted to share a bit of what has been going on.

In the past few weeks I spent 2 weeks in New York close to Ithaca. My parents live there and the kids had a great time outside and they enjoyed seeing the season of fall. I will admit that I loved every second of it. I miss the leaves changing colors, the crispness of the days, the opportunity to wear my handknits, the smell of the air, the apple cider! I just love fall!!! It was so nice to experience it again even if just for a short while. We spent a bit of time in Canada too and it was so nice to see the leaves here as well.

I then left my wonderful fall escape for Florida. It was nice to see some family and my sister in law had a lovely wedding, however, it was nice to leave Florida for something new which is what we did after a week there. It was a long trip, but we finally got into Germany. We got to experience fall here for a few days before it snowed! It cold killed the colored leaves so it is pretty much winter here now. I am okay with that. I haven’t experienced winter in a long time.

So what have we been up to? Well with bad internet I cannot share everything, but I do have some pictures.

The Husband and I decided that we needed to do something the first weekend we were here. So we decided to go see a castle. We went to Eltz Castle which was about 2 hours away. The boys had a great time and ran all over the castle. It has some history to it which we learned on the tour. It was actually my second time there with the Husband, but it was nice to take the kids.

(Please excuse the weird look on Babykins, he doesn’t have any teeth right now so he looks funny.)

Unfortunately, it was a bit hazy so the first picture didn’t turn out as well as I wanted.

Something that we discovered there was that the kids don’t like the local food. At least not yet. Babykins got a hot dog and it looked like this:

He refused to eat it. He said it wasn’t a hot dog. For the record, it was delicious. But this reminded me of the time that my parents decided to take us all to Mexico in the motor home. The thing that struck me the most about Mexican food was that it looked nothing like Mexican food and my brothers and I refused to eat it. Kids can be so silly. So I guess that we will be eating at home quite a bit once we finally settle into our home.

Here is another random castle we saw that day on our drive home:

So overall we are having a great time. We found a home which right now sits empty except for about 300 pounds of things that we had shipped ahead of us which include some pots and pans, dishes, but no silverware. Oh and all of my knitting needles and some skeins of yarn. I have to be prepared after all.

Speaking of crafting, I have been doing some. I am currently working on a rayures. The Husband hates it of course, but I think it will look great. Hopefully I will have pictures soon. I really was not crafting much in the month of October, but with the cold weather it is all I want to do now.

In the new house (a monstrosity of an ugly house that has a lot of 70s feel to it) I will have my own crafting room. I have no idea how I will decorate this room, but I know that it will be fabulous. There is a kitchen next to the room that I am going to use and maybe I will have adventures in dyeing there, or maybe canning. Only time will tell. 

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