Poetic Winter Photography Challenge ~ Warmth

This week the theme was Warmth. There were several pictures that I wanted to use and some I had a hard time deciding on color or black and white. Here were some of the pictures I considered:

This picture was taken in Alaska in 2007. I always liked the way that the only color in the picture came from my son and his bright red jacket.

This was the next picture I considered. This was my other son on his first day home from the hospital. He had a touch of jaundice so we placed him in the sunlight to try and work it out of his system. I always liked how the shadow of the blinds were on him.

And another picture of him in the sunlight.

And then I tried to experiment with the black and white function. I really liked this picture and it was the one that I thought about using. But then I thought about what I really think about when I think about the winter, the cold and warmth.

And that brought me to yarn and woolie projects. When I think about warming up in the winter, I think about all the wonderful things I can knit. So this is the picture that I chose for the theme of warmth.

You can see more about the challenge here:

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1 Response to Poetic Winter Photography Challenge ~ Warmth

  1. I really love the B&W version of your sweetie! The shadows are just great.

    Thanks so much for joining us in the Poetic Winter Photo Challenge. We're moving on to a new theme on Friday, Warmth. Hope you'll stop by and join us again. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 🙂


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