My Babies

These are my boys. They are a handful, but a fun one. On the right is my Babykins. He is a gentle little boy. He is my picky eater, but also the little boy who does what he is told. I am thinking about making him a quilt when I get back out of some robot fabrics I found online the other day: fabric link.

On the left is my little Chubbs. He is as different from Babykins as two people can be. He is my little bulldozer. He never even considers going around something. Where is the fun in that? He wants to go through everything. I call him my feral child, though he is growing out of it. I want to make him a quilt too, but for the life of me I cannot think of what. He likes ladybugs, but that is a bit girlie. Maybe I just need to take him to the store and see what he is drawn too. He does like the moon, maybe a space quilt? Who knows. So many plans for the future!

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