Another Goal

I finished my Masters Degree in History in 2011. Since I was able to do that I feel that I need to better myself in many other ways and now I have the time! Another thing (besides photography and cooking) that I want to work on is my handwriting. I love pretty letters, but my handwriting never looks good when I write. I have some calligraphy books waiting for me so that I can practice making my letters legible. I also have a ton of stamping items to make my own paper. In a swap package I had a few months ago I was lucky enough to receive a ton of handmade notebooks like this one:

It was made on top of a simple Moleskin notebook. I would love to make something like this so that I can give out nice little gifts. For now only my best handwriting is allowed in these notebooks! So another reason to cut this trip short and go back home! Then I can get back to my calligraphy lessons.

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